About the Product

Materials safety is critical - and affordable

Regulatory demands for safety continue to increase, and our innovative rack guard design is an affordable, durable way to ensure your materials stay secure from falling into walk aisles.

Product Features

  • Long lasting: Our heavy angle iron frames are strong and durable.
  • Fall prevention: We make our rack guard with heavy duty, 8-gauge, 2”x2” square welded wire mesh that keeps products secure and visible.
  • Easy assembly: Our Rack Guard has pre-punched holes for easy bolt-on assembly.

Do I Need This Product?

  • I want to prevent workplace injuries.
  • My workplace has no pedestrian walkway protection along pallet rack systems.
  • I have exposed workstations along pallet rack areas.
  • I have had pallets pushed through our pallet rack systems.
  • I presently have pallet damage against my existing walls.
  • My netting is torn or frayed and not providing protection.
  • I have heavy product and need something stronger than netting.

We're Here to Help

If any of these describe your environment, we can help you get up to OSHA, ANSI and RMI standards to ensure the safety of you and your employees.