About the Product

Engineered by experts to meet your needs

We understand your material handling and distribution needs and engineer our wire deck to fit right, install quickly and perform as it should, increasing safety for all in your facility.

Product Features

  • Made in-house: We’re the only pallet rack manufacturer to produce our own wire deck.
  • Tailored to your needs: We have multiple designs and many sizes for a variety of capacity and application needs.
  • Quick installation: No tools needed to install.
  • Designed to perform: Our deck is made from 6-gauge pre-galvanized wire and 14-gauge pre-galvanized channel and meets capacity standards for uniform load distribution.
  • Facility safety: Our wire deck meets all fire and safety regulations and is a great choice for facilities with sprinkler systems.

Do I Need This Product?

  • I am presently using particle board as decking.
  • My existing wire decking doesn’t offer adequate coverage.
  • My pallets are not aligned and set from beam to beam.
  • I have had pallets or products fall through my existing pallet system.
  • My wire decking is damaged with exposed edges.
  • My wire decking has been overloaded and is bowed or bent.

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If any of these describe your environment, we can help you get up to OSHA, ANSI and RMI standards to ensure the safety of you and your employees.