Advance Storage Products designed and implemented a three-dimensional, shuttle-based Automated Storage & Retrieval System (AS/RS) that increased the pallet storage and handling efficiency for its client’s ambient and refrigerated production facility. The project achieved the client’s primary goal to cost-effectively transition from a third-party logistics provider to an in-house solution that would meet with its ever-changing production demands, SKU profiles and pallet storage requirements.

The AS/RS system conveyors, elevators, automated guided vehicles and variety of moving components required an innovative machine guarding solution to provide 24/7 safety, security and protection for employees and equipment. Advance partnered with Husky Rack & Wire and utilized its Velox Machine Guarding system. Velox not only met the company’s required internal security measures, but also exceeded regulatory safety standards.

Mads Jespersen, Vice President of Automated Systems with ASP stated, “We previously used the Velox Machine Guarding system with great success and were confident it would meet the safety and security challenges of the AS/RS operation. Our customer was also very pleased with the Velox machine guarding solution and the safety it provided. The modularity and flexibility of Velox allowed for quick assembly and installation creating an integrated and seamless operation. The results exceeded all safety and security requirements and customer expectations.”

Advance had previously used Velox guarding and was confident it was the best solution to meet the AS/RS safety and security needs. Husky and Advance engineers worked together in designing an effective machine guarding solution that facilitated quick and easy assembly combined with simple field modification and installation to create the exact fit around the perimeter of the AS/RS. Three 3-foot swing doors provided easy yet secure access needed for equipment inspection and maintenance.

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