About the Product

Economical solution for increased safety

The right solution for aisle safety, our easy-to-install aisle shield is affordable, keeps products visible and meets increasing regulatory demands.

Product Features

  • The right design: Manufactured with 8-gauge, flute-stiffened, welded wire, our aisle shield keeps personnel safe and products visible.
  • Easy to install: Eye bolt fasteners allow for quick and easy installation.
  • Better than netting: Aisle shield doesn’t catch falling product, it prevents the fall in the first place.
  • Made in the U.S. with 100% U.S. Steel

Do I Need This Product?

  • My workplace has no pedestrian walkway protection along pallet rack systems.
  • I have exposed workstations along pallet rack areas.
  • I have light packages on pallets that require fall protection.
  • I want to provide a workplace free of falling hazards.
  • I presently have pallet damage against my existing walls.
  • Netting is too time consuming to install – I’d like a better option.

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If any of these describe your environment, we can help you get up to OSHA standards and provide a safe workplace free of hazards.